FIABCI Membership
The Value of Membership Membership of FIABCI opens a world of opportunity for real estate professionals seeking to expand their international knowledge, presence and business.
Member Benefits
Be part of a Global Professional Network
Join leading professional associations, academic institutions, and individuals from all sectors of the real estate industry. With membership in over 60 countries worldwide, FIABCI members are part of the premier real estate association in the world. FIABCI speaks your language. FIABCI uses 5 official languages and often provides simultaneous translations to ensure member communications.
Develop your expertise
Participate in the World Councils to develop your knowledge and your business opportunities. The FIABCI World Councils are organised around professional groups to facilitate sharing of knowledge and expertise and to create business opportunities.
Raise your profile
Use the FIABCI online membership database to develop your full professional profile for public viewing. Members are listed in the annual FIABCI Membership Directory, distributed to all members around the world. Attend World Class International Events. FIABCI members have access to preferential rates for all FIABCI events worldwide which include world class professional programmes and dynamic networking opportunities.
Use FIABCI online tools
All FIABCI members benefit from access to ProxioPro for B to B listing and networking services. Use member only tools to reach out to FIABCI members. Learn about upcoming events and activities in the electronic FIABCI news. Continue your Education. FIABCI University provides continuing education including the FIREC designation “FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant”. FIABCI Scholarship Fund supports students in real estate. FIABCI Professional Exchanges programme provides opportunities to gain international experience.
Be involved in International Property Programmes
FIABCI holds consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Representatives from FIABCI actively participate in programmes relevant to property issues worldwide-
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