Strategic place for global logistics
When the North Pole Route—a shortcut that connects Europe with Asia—is developed in 2030, the distance from Busan to Europe and from Busan to North America will be reduced by 40% and 30%, respectively. In addition, Busan is the key starting point of the future Silk Road Express (SRX), a railway that will connect Busan with Europe through China and Russia. As such, this will enable Busan to grow from a logistics city in Northeastern Asia to the mecca of world logistics.
The hub of marine logistics in Northeast Asia
Busan Port, the fifth largest container port in the world as of 2014 and the largest port of Korea that processes 75% of container cargoes that enter or exit Korea, is a super port that processes more than 17 million TEU of containers annually. Moreover, it is the center of Northeastern logistics that trades with about 500 ports in 100 countries from all over the world. Busan will build its global presence as a world-class port and logistics hub in Northeastern Asia by opening 45 berths in Busan New Port until 2020, as well as minimizing the lead time through the construction of a logistics center equipped with cutting-edge systems in the hinterlands of Busan.
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